Praise for the Diaires

“The Protectors Diaries provide page-turning reads, but these books are much more than a great fantasy/thriller series. They say there is truth in fiction, and amidst the action, Selbie manages to weave in an uplifting and compelling vision of our own high spiritual potentials. The first in the series, The Fifth Force, gets off to a rocketing start and is continued in the second, The Six. The series skillfully combines leading-edge science, ancient history, contemporary issues, telepathy, levitation, great characters, love, and loyalty. Engaging and inspiring. You’ll be glad you couldn’t put them down.”
Graham Hancock author of War God: Nights of the Witch and Fingerprints of the Gods

“Selbie’s Protector’s Diaries kept me turning pages late at night with his tale of mind-bending power and spirituality woven into a thought-provoking adventure.”
Jeffrey Small author of The Breath of God and The Jericho Deception

“This book is highly entertaining and a joy to read. The plot is intelligent and uplifting, and the “good guys” are wonderfully delightful. I wholeheartedly recommend Protectors Diaries: the Six!”
Joseph Bharat Cornell, author of Sharing Nature with Children and The Sky and Earth Touched Me

The Six takes one on a journey through time, space, and consciousness. In the midst of high adventure and an intricate plot we learn intriguing  details about ancient China and medieval Italy. But the most fascinating part is that Selbie is able to write about subtle spiritual truths and powers in such a way that the reader not only grasps them but almost feels that he, too, could attain them. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for an enlightening romp through time, space, and the potential of the mind.”
John Novak, author of How to Meditate

The Six starts out charming and innovative in its themes and characters, and builds into a powerful spiritual message. Selbie has created a whole new genre with this novel — a visionary, futuristic, action adventure with a powerful spiritual message at its core. I’ve been waiting to read a book like this for years and am eagerly awaiting  the next installment in this series.”
Devi Novak, author of Faith is My Armor

Lotus Guide Review
“People say that the only difference between science fiction and reality is that science fiction needs to make sense–what a great way to make sense out of what may really be going on in our reality. This book revealed a deep understanding of the underpinnings of what may be behind the veils of secrecy in today’s world. If you want to set your mind free to explore the possibility of spiritually conscious beings getting to the bottom of things such as “who is trying to control the world’s money systems?” then you will want to read this book.”
Rahasya Poe and Dhara Lemos, Lotus Guide