Protectors Diaries (Vol. 2): The Six

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Praise for The Six
“Selbie’s Protector’s Diaries kept me turning pages late at night with his tale of mind-bending power and spirituality woven into a thought-provoking adventure.”

Jeffrey Small author of The Breath of God and The Jericho Deception

From the Back Cover

“Even the thin line of light was enough to reveal a tableau we could not let anyone see: three people in black camouflage, an open safe, and an enormous hunk of wall hovering in midair. Getting caught was not an option.”

Protectors Michael and Elle are thrown into an all-out search to find and stop a shadowy group that is on the brink of controlling the world’s money. Joined by super-hacker Xu, and newly Awakened East End bank bandit, Fiona, Michael and Elle pose as colossally rich bait to lure the Six out of deep cover. Finding their quarry proves deadly dangerous—and sets Michael and Elle racing around the globe, desperately seeking a way to stop the Six before their leader, Asher, destroys their minds. . . .

The Protectors Diaries series is sci-fi/fantasy with a spiritual twist: page-turning action fueled by levitation, telekinesis, and telepathy. The ancient past—involving the still-living, and deadly poisonous, Lucrezia Borgia, and the nearly immortal, and coldly powerful, Chin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China—catapults us into today’s financial crisis. Moving spiritual experiences counterpoint nerve-wracking action as Michael and Elle risk everything to stop the Six.